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Turkish Delight


I decide to interview a long time Family friend has recently created her own home wears and clothing brand. Ive know her since i was young and grown up with a love of her Turkish background. Every birthday and christmas i would receive a beautiful Turkish inspired gift. So when she told me she wanted to create her own brand i was jumping with joy!

With a background in Fashion Design and a creative mind  she has created a unique brand for her self. After a recent trip to her home town in Turkey she was inspired to have women who worked in local villages to design and create everything from material, decorations, rugs,blankets and much more. Since then she has been working with them sending instructions, having them make the items then shipping them back here. She then will add her own flare. This then creates a mix between traditional Turkish pieces with a modern twist.

All items are also one off’s! So you know when you purchase an item you have a unique handmade piece!



Target really stepped up their game this year with celebrity and designers Collabs. Dion Lee was someone I wasn’t familiar with before his collab but is someone I like to watch now!

His collection for Target was very “Cool, Business, Sporty Women” a lot of pieces that could be worn out or for work. I really loved the material for some of the pieces as they were almost wetsuit material!

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I came across Kristie Kahler when scrolling through the popular page on Instagram. As you do, i stalked her and found out she is the Designer and Director at Winston Wolfe.From there i took a look at the Website and adore basically everything! Her pieces are edgy but have a whimsical feel and she has 2 great look books ! I also really love her description she has next to each item on her online store !


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HENRYK is a talented Fashion photographer i have become very fond of ! He does a variety of different types of shoots including editorial,beauty,celebrity and advertising working with brands like Lorna Jane,Triumph and Elio Moda.

I love the quality and his way of making photography look effortless !

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